Let’s talk collaboration

Graphic by: Savhanna Fowler

EDIT: This post was written for a Social Media assessment. The task time was 1 week. 

Building a digital brand: Brand-to-influencer collaboration

Hey you! wanna make your brand the best online brand of 2017? Let’s collaborate.

As Harry Styles’ new song title states Sign of the Times (listen here), that’s exactly what we’re talking about when we tell you that collaboration is going to lead to your greatest successes in building a digital brand. Social media is a “Sign of the Times,” and we should use it to its advantages.

Why? Not only will a customer engage with your brand if you are offering the best content, staying loyal to your platform (see previous post) and engaging them, but they are going to LOVE your brand if another brand they love, loves your brand.

Am I making sense?

Let’s break it down. Millennials love Instagram because it gives them people to follow, and people to follow means inspiration, endless inspiration in any aspect they search for. So when they start to follow a ‘social media influencer’ for example, and that influencer raves about your brand, that follower is going to listen- and we’re not the first to say this.

Anywhere from bloggers, to Instagram influencers, to YouTubers, contact them and tell them how much you love what they are about, and how much you would love if they checked out your brand. Remember to stick to your targeted platform.

How to know who to collaborate with:

Keep these tips as a rule-of-thumb:

One: Do not contact someone who will have zero interest in your brand.

Two: Get to know the influencers out there, get to know what content they produce, who they have previously collaborated with, and see if they are right for your brand.

Three: Think geographically Make sure you choose someone close to home, if you offer your brand to someone who is halfway across the world and you are a boutiques coastal business, people are less likely to engage with your brand and more likely to say “who the heck are you?.”

If your brand offers a produce of some sort, this is one of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door with influencers. Give them a sample, ask them if they love it, get their feedback, but don’t force them to instantly sharing your product. If you slowly introduce the ides and you get a feeling they are going to say “yes, I love the product” then offer them a fee to share their thoughts, or offer them a discount code to give to their following to show that you value their following just as much as you value your brand.

See how it’s connected?

For research purposes, listed are some of the most influential Australian-Instagrammers to date:

Image compilation of Pia Muehlenbeck’s Instagram via Elle Magazine

Much love,


PS. Who is your favourite social media influencer?

Comment below.


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