YouTube vlog hyping Hembrow followers

EDIT: This post was written for an Online Journalism assessment. The task time was 30 minutes. 

We all know an Instagram influencer that we follow daily for go-to fashion inspiration. Whether it’s in fitness, how-to styling tips, or in this case, your loved yummy-mummy blogger.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.38.32 am
Screen grab of Hembrow’s lastest YouTube vlog ‘Saski Office’.

The 22-year-old style guru Tammy Hembrow is a wave of success when we think about our Instagram influencers, and to top it off she’s lighting a fire in the sport-lux fashion world with her own fitness clothing label due to release in the coming weeks.

Saski Collection is aimed to target female gym-junkies as well as lovers of sport-lux style. Sneak-peaks of the collection are released on Instagram every few days and fans can expect full-length tights, sports crop tops, and branded cropped hoodies in a colour pallet perfect for winter.

Ms Hembrow addressed the launch of Saski Collection in her latest YouTube vlog, Saski Office | vlog earlier this week, telling her loyal subscribers that the collection will be available soon.

“Saski is launching sooner than you think, so, get ready,” said Ms Hembrow.

The label is named after her only daughter, Saskia Rose, and has over 72.9k followers on Instragam after first launching on April 28.

The Instagammer rose to fame by documenting her ability to showcase the chaotic life of being a mum of two in a way that appears extremely stylish. Also showing her 6.7M Instagram followers that it is possible to stay fit and healthy after giving birth, twice.

Ms Hembrow is also a lead brand ambassador for American clothing brand Good Amercian, alongside the famous reality TV star Kholé Kardashian.

This collection is sure to raise the bar in the sport-lux world, so get your new Adidas sneakers ready girls, its about to go down.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.39.31 am
Screen grab of Tammy Hembrow’s Instagram account, @tammyhembrow

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