How women are acing the Instagram-business game

Lara Worthington as Creative Directer by

“The Future is Female” has landed on my Instagram feed and on slogan tees more often than not lately. My interpretation of this? Women in business.

It’s clear that we’re well and truly in 2018 when some of the hottest small businesses to date have graced our Instagram feeds with the perfect amount of sexy and sweet. Providing us with nothing shy of some serious femme inspiration for a lot of lady-bosses out there.

Let’s begin with the Zulu and Zephyr cross Lara Worthington Cami campaign which has to be the ultimate eyebrow-raise when it comes to women kicking goals in business this year *queue the female-on-female fist pump*. Not to mention, the entertainment industry has seen Lara move from project to project, slowing finding her feet in fashion and beauty.

Cami, combines her beauty label The Base and women’s fashion label (owned by women) Zulu and Zephyr to introduce the simplicity of Autumn fashion that we have all been searching for. Sorry to break it to the Lara’s haters, but this campaign has definitely hit the mark, and as creative director, she may have shown us her hidden lady-powers.

Image of Camille by Lara Worthington for Zulu and Zephyer

Who else has made an influence with their Instagram advertising and successfully filtered content for their online business? Have you heard of  Zoe Foster-Blake? (that was a trick question). Well, we’re not on the topic of her female-empowering novels, we’re talking her skin care. The trained beauty therapist has recently launched Go-To Skincare which is literally the go-to (no pun intended) ‘stuff’ for super healthy skin. Not only has this girl boss reached the perfect target audience; she is creating a product that filters all the nasties from your skin care in the beautifully packaged up Go-To.

Product image of ‘Exfoliating Swipeys’ by Go-To Skincare

How do they do it? We want to know too, so we took it upon ourselves to bring some super-handy tips from multiple sources about using Instagram to help all the small-business-owning women out there!

Know your market

And vividly picture them sitting next to you as you write, create, snap or comment back.  Hayley writes nine helpful tips, from her to you.


If there is one protest I would stand at in the pouring rain that’s to do with social media marketing, that’s on supporting #creditorcreate. Basically, don’t snatch a pic without crediting it.

Don’t always try to teach

So you’re passionate about your reusable coffee cups? So are your audience, but let them search for your informational video as apposed to giving it to them in every caption. It also boosts SEO by having the user navigate your account or website.

Be happy with small progress

Have you heard it before? Success doesn’t happen overnight, keep trying, keep producing, you’ll get there.

Stay true to one theme

The perfect example would be, @thelosttribe_. What’s evident here? Consistency, segregation from typical Instagram image filters, and loyalty. The audience knows what they are following and they are because it looks oh-so lovely within their feed, which is also a great marketing strategy to help differentiate your product.

What’s your interpretation of “The Future is Female”? Comment below! (If you want to).